Parents feedback after the class observation


Neil’s parents:

Well prepared, lively. Able to make everyone participate in the class discussion.

Tyler’s parents:

Good classroom management, activities are according to their age. Teacher has great level of energy and able to engage and get the kids attention.

Faith’s parents:

They are good controlling the class, they provide a relaxed atmosphere in class, they give adequate opportunities to improve and encourage the participation of the students.

Rome’s parents:

Teacher has a loud and cheerful voice and can keep the attention of the class (most all students) the entire time. She makes good use of all teaching materials and uses props that are colourful and appropriate for the lesson. Teacher is able to teach letters and colours successfully in just a short period of time.

Teacher is very lively and planned lessons that is very easy to follow and age appropriate. Look forward to the next lesson.

Czane’s parents:

She’s very cheerful and jolly. I love the way she teaches the little ones. I love the way she talks. Thank you for the patience. God Bless!

Alden’s parents:

Teacher is cheerful. She speaks in a right intensity of voice and clearly. She manages the students well and has a good interaction with the students!

Edison’s parents:

Very friendly, very informative, patient to students.

Hailey’s parents:

They are both good in teaching the kids. They love the kids so well.

Chino’s parents:

Very creative and teachings very clear. Good topic.

Jaden’s parents:

Teacher is really good to get the attention of the kids.

Gabriel’s parents:

The teacher is very cheerful in away of teaching, very creative and very good visual for children. Keep it up!More power!

Chloe’s parents:

Teachers in a very creative and jolly way. Very cheerful and lively. Thank you.