| Principal’s Message

At the end of 2019, the epidemic began to spread globally, and everyone’s live were threatened, and their daily life also undergo large changes. So far, the haze of the epidemic has not been eliminated, and people are living in fear, anxiety, helplessness and uneasiness, as if they cannot see a way out and have no hope.


Schools in Hong Kong have been suspended intermittently for a long time, and kindergartens are no exception, with the traditional face-to-face mode of classes suddenly being restricted. Schools, parents and students suddenly become more and more overwhelmed.


During the suspension of classes, teachers, students and parents are really facing many problems and difficulties. Because of the virus, children cannot return to the campus to learn and play with their classmates, nor can they share their hearts with teachers, run, jump and talk with friends in the playgrounds.


As a parent, I understand they need to arrange activities at home for their children since they cannot go out for a long time, and also assist them in implementing home learning, conducting online video classes, and urging them to focus on classes and review.


As for schools and staffs, they are also facing unprecedented challenges, in the era of rapid technology and ever-changing information, when traditional face-to-face teaching is not applicable, both principals and teachers have to think hard, adapt to changes, use resources flexibly, carefully arrange different types of online activities, hoping to maintain children’s interest in exploring and learning, and try to enrich their campus life and learning experience, so that they can continue to learn at home without obstacles, in the result to improve the effectiveness of learning.


Although the world is still in deep trouble, and the school is facing many challenges and difficulties, but we have also experienced God’s grace. His protection and care are manifested. When we are weak and helpless, we should think carefully and be grateful for this:


  • School have been able to find many resources and anti-epidemic materials to provide to parents to solve difficulties and relieve difficulties.
  • During the suspension period, although children cannot return to school, they can continue to learn through video classes and online.
  • Since parents and children spend more time at home, more opportunities are created to get along, and thus enhance mutual understanding within the family members; parents can accompany their children’s growth more, and can have a deeper understanding of their children’s minds, know their needs, perceive their potential, cultivate and play their unique features.
  • Whether we are parents or educators, we can work with our children to survive the epidemic, so that we have the opportunity to teach by example, so that children can see and understand that in the face of adversity or unpredictable future, we must face it with confidence, perseverance and positive attitude.
  • Even though there are difficulties, we also see that there is affection in the world; this can be an opportunity for us to learn with our children to be more aware of the needs of others, help each other, and tolerate and understand each other.
  • Despite major changes in the way we live, work, and learn, students, parents, and staff can overcome the changes in a short period of time and develop extraordinary resilience to the “new normal.”
  • Let us know that life is precious and impermanent, learn to re-examine the relationship between people and cherish the people around us, and learn to take the initiative to care for others.
  • The pandemic has once again reminded us of the importance of physical, mental and spiritual health, so that we can regain our strength by not forgetting to rest.


A global epidemic, experiencing human limitations, insignificance and vulnerability, human beings cannot control their own destiny.

Power, money, materiality, knowledge, technology do not bring true peace and secure security; true peace and joy can only be experienced by the abundant grace and mercy of the Lord. As educators, in the midst of suffering, we must grow, learn and practice with our children, cultivate inner qualities such as patience, perseverance and confidence, face adversity with a positive attitude, and live a rich life with a joyful and hopeful heart.